Bergen Art Book Fair

2nd Floor UPSTAIRS.

2nd Floor UPSTAIRS.

Bergen Zines and Bergen Kunsthall would like to invite you to join as an exhibitor at the 5th annual Bergen Art Book Fair, which will be held on October 19–22, 2017 at Bergen Kunsthall.

Table size: 110cm x 80cm
Price: 500 NOK
NB: An exhibitor can only get one table space. In the pictures the tables are big, but  two exhibitors always share one physical table which is divided in two.

Price: Free table, but if you get accepted, the table have to be confirmed with showing flight ticket or similar to prove that you will arrive.

We will reply August 5th.

Questions before filling out the form can be sent to

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Contact person
Please write a short summary of your publishing practise. NOTE! This will be used in the programme catalogue and website.
You can also send it by e-mail at after filling out the form. NOTE! This will be used in the programme catalogue and website.
Write the address of your workplace, your organisation number (If you have).
Wall space
Check this box if you'd like to have wall space
Art Book Launch
Is there a new title that you release this autumn that you want to highlight? We are putting together a launch event during the fair at daytime. Mark this check box if you would like to participate.
If you want to have a book launch, describe your publication here. There is a limit on how many book launches we can have, so we will make an selection based on the description you write here.
At the evening programs we invite exhibitors to give a 15 minutes mini talk about the artistic practise and relevant publications. Would you like to participate? Mark the check box to say your interested. Mini talks are compensated.
Any other notes or questions can be filled in here