Maite Claveau, the project leader and coordinator of Tijuana. 

Maite Claveau, the project leader and coordinator of Tijuana. 

The second BABF participant I want to introduce you to, is Tijuana. Tijuana is an art book project with it’s base in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The whole thing started when Eduardo Brandao, the director of the art gallery Vermelho, realized that a lot of artists around him worked with the book format - and yet there were not many suitable spaces to display that book work. So he simply put up some shelves in Vermelho, thus establishing a showing room/book store for artist’s publications. In short that was the beginning of Tijuana. This was in 2007. In 2009, Tijuana arranged their own art book fair, which has now become a yearly event: the Tijuana Printed Art Fair. And in 2010, they even became a publishing house, again with artist’s books as their focal point. Many of the books they publish are by artists from Sao Paolo or other areas of Brazil, but even artists from other countries - Colombia and Argentina, for example. Their publications are printed in editions from 10 to 500. That means that Tijuana distribute everything from precious, hard-to-get-hold-of artists' books to mass produced publications (well, you know, mass produced in the context of independent publishing). 


In 2013, Tijuana actually moved their book shelves from the inside to the outside of Vermelho. Outside the gallery they built a variation of the newsstand. The newsstand is not such a common architectural structure in Norway, but you’ll find this kind of small kiosk in a lot in other countries and specially in big cities. However, Tijuana's newsstand sells artists’ books and zines instead of newspapers and magazines. I love that concept, because it seems to make the publications very visible and accessible (not only for visitors of the gallery but also for people randomly walking by). Furthermore, it seems to underline the fact that artists' publications are often "inbetween-objects": at the same time connected to and independent of the art institution. 

Make sure to check out Tijuana’s stand at BABF! Maite Claveau, who is the project leader and coordinator of Tijuana, will be there to show you the publications that they brought. Maite is even giving a talk tonight at 6pm, make sure you catch it!


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