Bergen Art Book Fair

(you have to be there in person) 

Pamflett in Magnus Barfots gate 25.

Pamflett in Magnus Barfots gate 25.

Want to have your publications at BABF, but only have a few or just started making them? Here we will display and sell artists books and zines and you will also be part of handling the sales at the table for a few hours. Which means that to join with your book/zine you have to be in Bergen during the fair. 

Please fill out the digital form below before October 1st.

Also print out this PDF, fill it out and pack it together with your publications. Deliver them to Pamflett at Magnus Barfotsgate 25 in Bergen October 4th between 10.00 and 16.00. If you want to deliver it on an earlier time/date, please send us a message on e-mail or on Facebook.

Sign the package with your name and e-mail address.

The unsold publications have to be picked up directly after the fair, at 17.00 on October 22 at Bergen Kunsthall. If you are not able on Sunday, pick them up at Pamflett the following week, but notify us first! Bergen Art Book Fair can’t return by post. Money for your sold publications will be transferred to your bank account after sending us an invoice, or via PayPal.  

Bergen Art Book Fair takes 10% of every sold zine in commission fee. Please have this in mind while pricing your zines.

To participate at the BABF Shop you have to work in the shop for two shift
(2x3 hours). 

Please check the boxes below under "Working hours". We would like you to fill in at least
3 possible shifts for you to work at. We will then make a schedule and contact you by October 11th by e-mail to inform you about working hours.

If you are interested of more volunteer work at the fair, please fill in the form Volunteer at the fair! 

Thank you for participating at the Bergen Art Book Fair 2017! :-)

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Location of PAMFLETT, Magnus Barfots gate 25: