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Bergen Art Book Fair 2015



Anngjerd Rustad (NO)
About: Trippelpunkt is a new, small publishing project by Bergen based artist Anngjerd Rustand. The idea behind Trippelpunkt is to combine art installations and artists books, and find ways for publication formats to occupy the exhibition space. Trippelpunkt is presented for the first time at BABF 2015, showing an excerpt from an upcoming solo show at Trykkeriet Centre for Contemporary Printmaking 5th December.

Anja Ulset (NO)
About: Artist in Fine Art, resident in Bergen, who has published several books and zines the last few years. Titles include Bergen Art Guide, Ikke til hjemlån and Distribusjon.

Apis Press (NO)
About: Apis Press is a small, independent publisher from Bergen Norway, founded by the artists Bjørn Mortensen and Mathijs van Geest. It is active as a platform to produce small publications and editions in close collaboration with a growing number of international artists.

Battenburg Press (JP/DE/UK)
About: Battenburg Press are German born, UK based Sylvia Waltering and UK born, Japan based Lucy May Schofield. As artists, we collaborate, self publish and exhibit together under Battenburg Press. Working with photography, text, printmaking, installation and the artists' book, our work is inspired by the narrative potential of domestic objects, fictional collections, cultural identity, internal relationships, belonging and dislocation. &

Billedkunst (NO)
About: "Billedkunst" is a magazine published by the Norwegian organisation for visual artists, "Norske Billedkunstere". The magazine comes out with seven issues per year, and has a circulation of about 3,700 copies.

B.L.A.D. Blank Blank (DE/FI)
About: Blank Blank is a Finnish-pan-Nordic creative studio with a Latin twist. Like a shrimp-sandwich with a splash of lemon. We make books, publications, prints, and visual experiments, both on- and offline. Blank Blank is part of the Muscle Temple studio. Our office is located in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Colectivo Fugaz (CO)
About: colectivo Fugaz is Nicolás Vizcaíno and Daniela Silva. They consider themselves producers of art projects. In the future they would like to be an artificial person, legally speaking. They also make artwork and publications and this year participated of the Feira Plana in Sao Paulo.

Distance Over Time (DE)
About: Distance Over Time’s current books feature exploding plants from action films, people hiding and fleeing on the edge of Europe, the controversy of animal testing, and a beautifully suggestive garden bound in a box. D.O.T. publishes books as a creative practice by working closely with artists to produce publications that not only house ideas and artwork, but become art editions themselves. We will be showcasing a leporello by Manfred Naescher, two documentary photo publications by Fabian Zapatka and Katharina Behling, and a book object by Alexander Skorobogatov.

Fukt (DE/NO)
About: Fukt, founded in 1999, is dedicated to drawing, inviting the most interesting and adventurous international artists and writers to publish their images and views on contemporary drawing practice. Fukt is in constant transformation with issues in different sizes and layouts.

Hellebou (NO)
About: Hellebu is a log cabin located in the outskirts of Notodden, Telemark. For six years artists, musicians and writers have used this cabin as an artist recidency. Taking inspiration from the surroundings, their works have resulted in four publications, Hellebou vol.1-4.

Hordaland Kunstsenter (NO)
About: Hordaland Art Centre runs a book shop with a wide selection of magazines and books related to the field of contemporary art. This includes antologies and collections of text about relevant topics for todays art production, institutions and curator practice. In addition to showcase catalogues and books by Hordaland artists.

Imi Maufe (NO/UK)
About: Bergen based British artist who uses books to document events, journeys and residencies in often remote or unusual locations. Letterpress, screenprinted, strangely folded, boxed in works. MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking from University of West of England, Bristol 2004. Organiser of Norske bøker i 2014/15. New works for 2015: Japan Blues and works from residencies in Melbu, Finland og Switzerland.

Isotop Atelierfellesskap (NO)
About: Local artist-run studio space in the centre of Bergen. Artists resident work in a wide arrange of artistic fields, such as art, music and film. Will showcase books, zines and graphic prints.

Joanna Wilkinson (UK)
About: My ideas are born from a variety of sources, including, tissue paper once wrapped around oranges, observational drawings in sketchbooks, recorded journeys as a passenger, holes and song lyrics. Collage, found ephemera, letter stamps, pop up mechanisms, risograph printing and labels are all used and reclaimed into her work. Even a 1970’s typewriter makes a recurring appearance.

kaffi fanzine (NO)
About: kaffi fanzine from Haugesund, Norway. Established October 2014. kaffi fanzine is a zine about subculture, music and art. Six issues published per year including other zines such as HGSD fanzine, kaka fanzine, kaffi mixtape cassettes, buttons etc. Made in old skull cut & paste. See more about kaffi fanzine on social media and website.

Knust/Extrapool (NL)
Established by artists for artists in the 1980s, Knust is Extrapool's famous, infamous graphic workshop specializing in stencil (“mimeograph”) print. Located in Nijmegen, Netherlands, Knust is an essential part of the multi-omniverse of the Extrapool art space, creating an accessible printing and bookmaking workshop where many niches meet, greet, clash & mix.

Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen (NO)
About: One of two national academy of art and design in Norway, books from staff and students.

Kurt Johannessen (NO)
About: Kurt Johannessen works within performance artist’s books video and installations since the early eighties. His work is minimalist and poetic, and at times with a touch of humour. He is his own publisher and has produced more than 70 books.

Lisa Him-Jensen (SE)
About: I work with drawing, painting, poetry and various hybrids of them. My projects tread the balance between language and image, where sometimes words slip into images, and sometimes have an existence of their own.

Litteraturfanziner i Bergen (NO)
About: Local poetry from Bergen and students at Skrivekunstakademiet (school for creative writing).

Lucia Odoom (DK)
About: Poppel - a new danish independent magazine about popculture, feelings and dreams.

Megan Adie (US)
Megan Adie is a book artist and letterpress printer from California. She publishes books and prints as Aviary Press in Copenhagen, Denmark. A teacher of many years, she organizes an annual printmaking residency for professionals at Druckwerk, in Basel, Switzerland. Megan is also a professional musician with a Master's degree in historical performance practice. She is currently working on the latest collaboration with Danish writer Andreas Vermehren Holm, to be released under their Aviary Press Editions moniker, in November. Her books can be found in libraries and private collections in North America and Europe. 

Napa Books (FI)
About: Napa Books is an independent publisher of artists' books and flipbooks, founded in 1997 in Helsinki, Finland. Napa Books is run by artist Jenni Rope.

notwo (HU) (Canceled)
About: Budapest-based graphic designer. Makes zines influenced by the Norwegian landscapes and the «clean, minimalist things».

Pantofle Books (NL)
About: Pantofle Books is a Dutch independent publisher of artist's books. Run by / books by Gummbah ( & Chantal Rens (

The Plantation (NO/UK) (Canceled)
About: The Plantation is an art initiative and project space, showcasing explorations within the curatorial and photographic fields in the contemporary arts through exhibitions, events and publications.

Print it with RISO! (NO)
About: 12 participants from the workshop «Print it with RISO!» at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, will showcase and sell their new books made with the Risograph.

Randi Annie Strand (NO)
About: Artist in Fine Art, worked with book as an art object since 1992.

Rita Marhaug (NO)
About: SMAK AV BOK (TASTE OF BOOK), is an art book project rooted in our perception of
the world and the objects that surround us, rather than conceptual approaches. Our main
inspiration has been from the Bible, and Ezekiel’s Book from chap3:
"Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you and fill your stomach with it." So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth."
The result of the project will be a series of exhibitions, so far planned for Bergen, Førde and Bodø. The artist group has ten participants.

Related Items (NO)
About: Yokoland is a design studio. Aki Books is an imprint. Related items is a webshop and occasional bookstore.

ROV Publication Series (NO)
About: ROV is a publication series curated and self-published by Sturla Heggdalsvik. It contains works and texts from invited visual artists and authors. ROV is an investigation into the individual practices of its contributors, with an ambition of generating dialogue and further projects.

Studio Panama (FI)
About: Self-published experimental books with storytelling, comics, illustration and drawings from Helsinki, Finland. Just because we love to draw. And to make books. Our titles are available in our own shop and in Printed Matter, NY and randomly in festivals – but nowhere elsewhere. Studio Panama is a small collective of artists, illustrators and graphic designers located in Helsinki, Finland. We love to work with storytelling, visuals, fine arts, comics, illustration and design. We publish graphics novels, zines and experimental artists’ books printed in multiples. We also make posters, post cards and quality printed matter. We love to draw, draw, print and draw.

Svulst (NO)
About: Artist collective in Bergen, but with members from around the Nordic region.

tAt Publishing (NO)

Tur-nips (NO)
About: Group of visual artists, founded in Bergen. Makers and publishers of anthologies mainly consisting comics and illustrations.

überpress (NO)
About: Comic book publisher from Bergen.