Bergen Art Book Fair


Anders Elsrud Hultgreen

Anders Elsrud Hultgreen is a filmmaker based in Bergen. In 2014 he released his debut feature film, the critically-acclaimed post-apocalyptic science-fiction film MORGENRØDE. Last year he published his debut book, the science fiction poem FERDSSKRIVEREN. This year he will publish, the acid-western book DEVONSK FEBERTOKT, here he brings the reader out of time on a fever trip through an overwhelming fire catastrophe in a mars-like wild west world …




AAPIE (Asociación Amigos de la Publicación Independent Experimental) is a collective of seven artists fans of experimental and independent publications from Rosário, Argentina. It is an online library sharing independent experimental publications, inviting others to publish their books as well. They film zines and books and make them available online freely. They organize gatherings to share their interest, new zines and findings. From 2017 they have started A0 Fiesta Nacional de la Edición Independiente Experimental.



Askeland Bok & Papir

Askeland Bok & Papir is run by Daniel Askeland. By re-using old books, maps and other types of paper I make notebooks and other stationery products with a unique and handmade feel. Paper has been replaced by so many new tools and digital mediums in our daily lives, so why not pick up a pen and write something by hand?



Atelier TURUT/Freak show Comix

Cécilia Pepper is one of the authors who have been published in the Freakshow Comix fanzine, published by Atelier Turut, a small underground publisher based in south of France.



Bergen Ateliergruppe

Bergen Ateliergruppe is an art collective initiated in 2008 and situated at Dokken Havnelageret harborside building in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. 




Billedkunst is an art disiplinary magazine published by Norske Billedkunstnere. They publish seven editions every year and print 3700 copies for every editions.



Blokk Forlag

Blokk Forlag was established in 2016 by Anja Dahle Øverbye and Ingrid Flognefeldt Brubaker. They publish comics, fanzines, artist books and literature.They're first publication was the anthology "Byrjing" published April 2017.




Rat Trap is an autonomous cultural space based in Bogotá Colombia that works as a graphic publisher and record label working around visual arts, music, and their junction. After 12 years of creating cultural scenarios in different spaces through different initiatives Rat Trap settled in its own physical space in 2012. Today Rat Trap’s house counts with a screen printing workshop, a recording studio, a small venue, 2 exhibition rooms and 12 artist studios. Its main objective is to work in aims to promote artistic autonomy and economic sustainability of social and cultural projects by providing infrastructure and tools for people to materialize their ideas. Rat Trap´s publishing practice is directly related to screen printing, punk and cooperation.




We are a publishing house originally based in Poland, specialising in comics since 2007.
Our authors include Chester Brown, Sara Colaone, Howard Cruse, Anke Feuchtenberger, Tom Gauld, Line Hoven, Lucie Lomová, Luke Pearson, Bastien Vives, Jay Wright and Alexandar Zograf.

We live in three cities: Poznan, Berlin, and now also London, where we started our publishing activity in March 2014.
For us, comics means beautifully published, well written, and exceptionally drawn literature.
A picture of life in a solid frame.



Coda Press

Coda Press produces extensions of artistic practices and is a Bergen based platform for investigating art writing practices. Coda is dedicated to promoting art writing as a catalyst for critical discourse and knowledge production, facilitating works that are stand alone works, integrated into one’s visual practice.




Studio run by designer Cho Hyojoon. Seoul-based Corners is both an design agency, a risograph printer and a small publisher of zines and books. Hyojoon and his wife, Hezin, made a book together about their honeymoon – a trip to different risograph and design studios in the Netherlands, simply called “Riso Trip”. In this talk Hyojoon will talk both about his graphic design work, and also how he works with self publishing production in downtown Seoul!


Dust Catcher and Friends

Dust Catcher and Friends consists of 3 MA students from KMD, with our work centering around illustration and graphic design: Joe Leiner, Silje-Marie Molland, and Margrethe Pedersen. Joe Leiner is a graphic designer from Luxembourg. He’s recently published Dust Catcher, a magazine about contemporary character design, illustration and collectibles, launched in early 2017. Taking a look the creators’ favorite makers, ranging from illustrators and painters to sculptors, toy designers and manufacturers, it’s aimed at collectors and lovers of characters.



Faceless Artist Fanzine/Rising From the Ashes Press

Faceless Artist is a fanzine that works to bring more exposure to artists and give the public a window into the artistic practice and work. In the fanzine Anders Nygaard interview artists from the Norwegian art scene about their work and artistic process.One artist is represented in each publication.



Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet

Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet (Warehouse Workshop in English) is a print studio in the small village Uttersberg in the middle of Sweden. We run it as a non profit organisation and it is equipped for letterpress and intaglio printmaking. Since early 1990 I have been working with the book format as an artist in many different ways - sometimes as book objects, but normally in small editions. To work within the field of bookmaking or publishing has become an important profile for our studio. Regularly we have artists, poets and graphic designers coming to work with their own projects. At the fair I will show a broad variety of my own work, but also examples of books made by other artists in our studio. We will also show a collaborative work with artists from all over Scandinavia, realized in collaboration with Imi Maufe, based in Bergen. Imi Maufe has been guest artist in our studio, and she was also the one to take initiative to this collaboration. / Lina Nordenström.




CODEXNORDICA is an exhibtion concept initiated by Imi Maufe, Randi A. Stand and Rita Marhaug.
After the touring of SMAK AV BOK/TASTE OF BOOK this is their new Nordic/Baltic project that will be fully develloped in 2019.Codex Book Fair and Symposium, San Francisco Bay Area, USA in February 2019. Artists from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden will be invited to show high-end hand-made and printed artists books, collectivity representing the Nordic Countries at this world class book fair.



Gunvor Rasmussen

Gunvor studied illustration at Central St. Martins in London and visual communication at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. In 2007 she debuted with a children’s book named Godnattboka (The Goodnight Book), which later developed into a series of five books. Besides children’s books, she also works as an illustrator for organizations, stage shows and magazines.



Hordaland Kunstsenter

Hordaland kunstsenter's bookshop carries a broad range of magazines and books dealing with contemporary art and culture. You can find a wide variety of anthologies and text collections discussing important aspects of art production, art institutions and curatorial practice. We also carry catalogues and books by artists in Hordaland that might not be distributed widely.



Ingerid Kuiters

The art book "Cirkus Ingerid" is a presentation of the assemblages of the artist Ingerid Kuiters. Kuiters is working and residing in Åsgårdstrand, Norway and has a long and comprehensive career as a painter. The assemblages represents a playful, experimental and interesting side of Kuiters. We discover the objects anew, liberated from their original context. With the remains of consumer goods, Ingerid Kuiters pulls us in to discover new dimensions in what we are looking at. There is a practical poetry at work here, both in her active gaze towards the outer world and in her collection of objects. A poetry that makes her life and art inseparable.



Kay Arne Kirkebø

Kay Arne Kirkebø (f.1979) is a Bergen based artist. He got a master in art from Bergen National Academy of Art and Design (2014). Kirkebø works with drawing in formats as pictures, video, fanzines and artist books. The art book form have got a stronger position in his art the past years, and for Bergen Art Book Fair '17, he presents his new book "All is Lost" and a new zine.



KLD Repro

Since 2014 KLD Repro (founded by artists Kristian B. Johansson and Wilfred Wagner) has functioned as an independent publication studio and print shop in Copenhagen. Aside from producing and publishing artists books and other printed ephemera, KLD Repro operates as a platform but is also as an experiment in service. We collaborate with other publishers, offer cheap hot glue binding, tape-dubbing, make record-sleeves and missing cat notes, since we believe that there’s always a basic 'demand on print' in any community which aims far beyond our contemporary consumer notion of print-on-demand.




Art and designs students from the Faculty of Art, Music and Design at Bergen University. 




KODE Art Museums and Composer Homes is one of Scandinavia’s largest museums for art, craft, design and music. KODE has a unique combination of art museums and composers’ homes, of contemporary art, historical objects, concerts and parklands. At Bergen they present their own publications.



Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

KHiO students and alumni who make artist books.



Kurt Johannessen

Kurt Johannessen have produced and published his own books since 1984. So far more that 90 books have been published and many of them with english translations. Lots of the books contains short texts with surrealistic, philosophical or humoristic qualities. Lately several books in the About-something serie Om-noko serien. Each of these books also have its performance lecture.



Lisa Him-Jensen

Lisa is an artist from Stockholm, based in Bergen. She works with collage, painting, drawing, photography and text. In her artist’s books, text and images and their relationship to the materials and presentation take a central role.Enkeltdikt is a collection of four books with poetry, photography and cut-outs. In 2016, her work was published in the Norwegian publisher Cappelen Damm’s annual debut anthology Signaler.



Liuyingchieh Books

Since 2002 I started to create "a continuous drawing on a codex form book" and I called it "Travel Book (移動記)". I carried a blank book everywhere, tried to draw something between documentary and drama. The image highlight here is a drawing at Bergen train station and Swedish forest view from a train.




Locus is an artist run independent gallery space and publisher of artist books and publications researching how artists work. As a nomadic and fluctuating entity we produce exhibitions and presents different artists in various locations nationally and internationally. Based in Oslo at Grünerløkka Lufthavn, Locus has a studio / showroom and hosts various events. Locus, established in 2006 by Thale Fastvold and Tanja Thorjussen, has exhibited in Stavanger, Miami, New York, St.Petersburg, Bergen and Medellín in Colombia. 

Since 2009 LOCUS has published books about the art-field such as Kurator? (booklaunch at UKS), ARTic (booklaunch at Kunstnernes Hus) and Arctic Hysteria which we launched at MoMA PS1 NY Art Book Fair 2016. In 2017 we are launching a series of artists books by inviting selected artists to respond to the theme CoSA - Concerning the Spiritual in Art. A theme we ourself is researching as artists, writers and curators. In 2019 we will publish a book about this subject with text about contemporary and historically artists working with this as a theme.




Lydgalleriet will be selling self-made publications and nerdy literature about sound art practices.



Portmanteau Books

Portmanteau Books is a cultured publisher with an amiable intellect and progressive ideas. This small Norwegian-Canadian publisher primarily works with art books with a bent towards: illustration, poetics, and experimental text-audio formats. It is a lively platform for philosophical interrogations into the nature of aesthetics and poor taste. All of our work demonstrates an attention to forgotten publishing secrets with custom bindings using hard-to-find new and vintage materials.



Martin Mentzoni

kaffi fanzine from Haugesund, Norway. Established October 2014. kaffi fanzine is a zine about subculture, music and art. A5 size, made with cut and paste. Six issues published per year. Also publishes other zines, mixtape cassettes etc. NEW RELEASES 2016: The First full album release from kaffi fanzine is the debut from SVART KAFFI "Espressonsime", out on LP/CD/MC in October 2016. See more about kaffi fanzine on social media and website.



Meridian Space & Xiong Liang

Located in the heart of Beijing, Meridian Space is a creative hub that brings together people, ideas, and products from all other the world, to provide renewed sources of inspiration and enjoyment.They will bring their latest publications and the profiled visual artist Xiong Liang.



Nomadic Reading Room

Connie Butler publishes, distributes and exhibits the work of others through her projects the Nomadic Reading Room and the journal Her Eyes & My Voice. Starting life as an itinerant reading room in public spaces such as derelict toilets and car parks, Nomadic Reading Room is now a small press and research project into the overlaps of publishing practices and zine culture in fine art contexts.




Northing presented itself, its ambitions and missions for the very first time to the public during the 2015 Bergen Art Book Fair. Ben, representing Northing, talked about how Northing came into being and what it planned to do in the near future. One of the main projects mentioned in the talk, Snacks, was realised in 2016. Snacks is a supplement of Art World, the biggest and oldest art magazine in China. It comes out four times a year with a more alternative and liberated style. Each number invites one artist or designer to edit and design the whole magazine. Northing took the job to plan, edit and design issue No. 26. All artists that were featured in this magazine are somehow connected to Bergen. The making of this issue was also supported by Bergen Kommune.



Norsk Risografiforening

Samling med Norske Risotrykkere.



NORWAY STAMP is a local brand from Bergen, specialising in various forms of paper-based art. As a visual artist and illustrator based in Norway, Lina L. Jordan invites you to discover her world through her detailed, hand- drawn illustrations, inspired by Norwegian life, nature and fairy tales. She is behind two art colouring books in 2017, and more interesting art books are on the way.



Ola Olsen Lysgård

Ola Olsen Lysgaard is an illustrator and cartoonist located in Bergen, Norway. He studies Visual Communication, draw comics and takes on freelance jobs.



Perdita Megabuck

I’m a visual artist who loves zines and books. They allow me to experiment, to collaborate, to have fun, to be serious, to tell stories and build narratives with images, texts, materials and objects, with a little dose of humor and irony. My publications are related to my art projects dealing with autobiographic aspects and social concerns. The diverse catalog I have, includes artist books, small editions, book objects, games, printed experiments and bizarre zines.

“In contrast to the old monumental art [the book] itself goes to the people, and does not stand like a cathedral in one place waiting for someone to approach. The book is the monument of the future”. El Lissitsky



Performance Art Bergen

Performance Art Bergen, PAB is a membership organization for those with love for the huge variety of performative expressions and consequences.

PAB is run according to the principles of sharing and collaboration. Working locally as well as internationally, the aim is to establish platforms for the production and showing of performance art works of a high standard. As a collective, we take the approach that interesting and relevant art is the result of interesting and relevant social and artistic environments.
Since 2015 PAB has been publishing several books as PABLISH.



Pernille Horgen Røynestad

Nille is a freelance illustrator with her own shop at Bryggen in Bergen, Norway. Working out of the shop and gallery with digital and traditional media. Her main interest in decadent sweets, colorful dresses, romance and the good life. This has created the base for the lively and colourful illustrations she create. Her ambition is to participate in and create more appropriate children’s books for LGBT families.



Space Poetry

Jesper Fabricius will talk about the art magazine Pist Protta, which he started together with artist friends in 1981. The magazine is a formal experiment, which uses the idea as a magazine to make strange and not so strange issues. The format is always changing, like printing, binding, content etc. Pist Protta is published by Space Poetry in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Tamas Horvath

Tamas Horvath is a Hungarian freelance graphic designer and photographer. He usually publishing short run rizes and posters featuring his photographs, sometimes mixed with the graphics he is experimenting with at the moment.



Terry Bleu

Terry Bleu is an independent screen printing workshop and publishing house founded in Amsterdam by Hugo Rocci. Our quest is to transform the work of artists we love into fresh, one-of-a-kind prints. We get fired up about all things playful, colourful, naive, and surprising. All profits from published works go straight back into supporting the atelier with new equipment and materials, time-travelling pursuits, and making new books.




«Edições Tijuana» is the artist’s book label of «Tijuana» an exhibition space dedicated to show works that do not normally fit in a traditional exhibition space, namely artist’s books. «Tijuana» began to publish their own artists books in 2010 through «Edições Tijuana» label. «Tijuana» is also «Feira Tijuana», an art book fair taking place in Latin America, with focus in artist’s books and special editions.



Torsten Illner/Stefhany Lozano/Tim Romanowsky

We are 3 artists and illustrators from Germany and Colombia based in Leipzig and Halle. since 2012 we published limited editions art prints, zines and homemade tattoos.



Trippelpunkt er et lite, kunstnerdrevet forlag, startet i 2017 av den bergensbaserte billedkunstneren Anngjerd Rustand.




Überpress is a Bergen-based small press for comics ruined by Are Edvardsen. Ûber produce new Norwegian pop-cultural  comics. Twice a year they publish the Ûber-Anthology that presents both new and established artists.



Whiskey tit

Whiskey Tit attempts to restore degradation and degeneracy through the literary arts. We are unwilling to sacrifice intellectual rigour, unrelenting playfulness, and visual beauty, often leading to texts that would otherwise be abandoned in a homogenised literary landscape. In a world gone mad, our refusal to make this sacrifice is an act of civil service and civil disobedience alike, and our work reflects this. We welcome like-minded readers and writers.