Bergen Art Book Fair


Alt Går Bra (AGB) researches the intersections between art and politics through exhibits, performances, and printed publications. AGB uses obsolete printing technologies (mimeograph and hectograph) to produce prints, books, and trykksaker. Printing is at the core of AGB's theoretical developments and visual experimentations.




FERDSSKRIVEREN er bokdebuten til filmskaper og kunstner Anders Elsrud Hultgreen. FERDSSKRIVEREN viser et science-fiction dikt fortalt med fotografier og ord, der disse elementene har lik betydning for lesningen. Med et filmatisk stillbildespråk løfter FERDSSKRIVEREN frem et underliggende tema - en lyrisk meditasjon rundt ordet, omgivelser og landskap når politiske grenser og sivilisasjonen utviskes, og hvordan mennesket som en art reagerer da det plutselig finner sin posisjon som en forlist livsform på ukjent territorium.  




I express myself through various materials and medias. Thematically, I examine concepts such as comfort, discomfort, and control and lack of such. Be in our relationship to nature, interpersonal relationships or on an inner and individual level. At Bergen Art Book Fair I will present new books from my latest project; Am I too loud?




Artist in Fine Art, resident in Bergen, who has published several books and zines the last few years. Titles include Bergen Art Guide, Ikke til hjemlån and Distribusjon.





Back in two mins is a creative group and currently neighbors in London. Our works are inspired by our daily activities, everyday observations and dog walking in an old Cemetery nearby. Together, our interests run at similar parallels: Saemi Jeon explores subtle sequence with found prints and objects in various ways whilst Chao-chi Lau enjoys discovering everyday interactions that mainly highlight design principle and reflecting that in her work.




Small illustration shop run by three illustrators in Bergen. Make sketchbooks, prints and post cards.





Rita Byon is an visual artist who runs BYON Book Arts, which involves photography and printmaking to express her interests in transient and insignificant objects, images and texts in everyday life.





We are a publishing house originally based in Poland, specialising in comics since 2007. Our authors include Chester Brown, Sara Colaone, Howard Cruse, Anke Feuchtenberger, Tom Gauld, Line Hoven, Lucie Lomová, Luke Pearson, Bastien Vives, Jay Wright and Alexandar Zograf. We live in three cities: Poznan, Berlin, and now also London, where we started our publishing activity in March 2014.






Ediciones Armadillo is a loose and traveling mini-publishing house from Spain, the effort of four draftspeople. In 2011 we made our first illustration fanzine, which we still publish among other projects, all following a single pattern: do everything our own way. When a book sprouts we gather in Barcelona to mount ephemeral micro-factories for printing, binding and distribution.





Eller med a (NO) is based in Oslo and Copenhagen, and run by Lotte Grønneberg, Marte Meling Enoksen and Karen Grønneberg. Eller med a initiate, publish, design and/or produce projects within the art and literature field.







Bergen based visual artist who also make books and zines.








Besides being a gallery Hordaland Kunstsenter also produce and publish about artists with a connection to the regions art field.






Publications for and about the everyday out of Oslo, Norway.





The Bergen Kunsthall Art Book Shop.






Issue Press is an independent publisher of artist publications and multiples and a Risograph printing service based in Grand Rapids, MI, USA.







Independent artist book publications since 2003.





Kaffi fanzine from Haugesund, Norway. Established October 2014. kaffi fanzine is a zine about subculture, music and art. A5 size, made with cut and paste. Six issues published per year. Also publishes other zines, mixtape cassettes etc. NEW RELEASES 2016: The First full album release from kaffi fanzine is the debut from SVART KAFFI "Espressonsime", out on LP/CD/MC in October 2016. See more about kaffi fanzine on social media and website.    


Kunst- og designhøgskolen i bergen (NO)

Artist Books, zines and publications by Bergen Academy of Art and Design.






KRAFT – rom for kunsthåndverk, is The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts’ exhibition space and sales venue in Bergen, Norway. Since opening in 1997 in the building that previously held Norges Bank on Vågsallmenningen 12, the gallery has had a leading role in mediating the full range of artistic expressions within the crafts field.





The artist-book is published as part of LevArText is a series of publications that simultaneously revisit and constitute the history and archives of LevArt, as well as expanding the research and activity of artists and other collaborators in another form.    






L&C (NO) Bergen-based artists Lina L Jordan and Charles Michalsen. Lina is a visual artist and has just published her first adult coloring book“Norway stamps” in China inspired by aspects of Norwegian culture and everyday life. Charles ( artist / designmaker ) has published multiple books exploring themes of “In-Between ”, “The Art of Reverse Fabrication”, “Jiddisch far ale ”, “ The handover of Jome Jome (Yiddish texts ) ”, “Jome Jome – ( Yiddish text ) ”..    






Lisa Him-Jensen is a visual artist, and works with drawing, collage, painting, poetry - and with various forms of books. Her projects take place somewhere between visual art and language, where the words may be part of a picture, or have an existence of their own, for example as an artist’s book or a book of poetry. This year, poems from her projects ”Nattleksjon” and ”Reisedagbok” were published in Cappelen Damm’s yearly anthology of new writing: ”Signaler”.




Travel Book Series from Taipei, Taiwan.






Lord Jim Publishing is an independent publisher of artist's books and more. Recent titles includes the Game of Life III: Juliusvariasjone and the SPAREBLUSS series, in addition to publications by Andreas Vermehren Holm, Sveinung Unneland, Linn Pedersen, André Tehrani, Ole Martin Lund Bø, Lutz-Rainer Müller and Stian Ådlandsvik, Jan Freuchen and more.



Graphic designer and artist based in Bergen. Works with painting, drawing, photography and zine-making. Self-published titles include "Photos", "Plants and flowers" and "Art-phone."




I use self publishing as an extention of my painting and drawing practice. Within the book/fanzine medium I explore new directions in my work.






Narves1bibloteket (N1B) er distributør og produsent av alt godt innen det trykte medium. Vi distribuerer tegneserier, småtrykk og ziner gjennom våre bibliotekshyller, provisoriske kiosker og arrangementer og deltagelse på festivaler i inn- og utland. På Bergen Art Book Fair presenterer N1B stolt arbeider fra studenter ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo.





A big part of the artistic practice of Niels Poiz is making, self-publishing artist books. All the books are self-written and make up for a complete scenario; one complete story. The certain detachment in the way the books feel and look and the often banal, everyday thoughts and situations, references to popular culture, music, art history, films and literature gives the reader the freedom to connect all these fragments to each other, and thus create his or her own story. 

For the BABF Niels Poiz wrote two next books. Next to this there will be the change to look into the other artist books.



Northing: Founded by architect Ben Wenhou Yu and designer Yilei Wang in Bergen, Norway. Northing is a multi-functional organization with a focus on publication, design, cultural events and communication. Based in Bergen, Norway and with an Asian cultural background, Northing is dedicated to promoting Norwegian culture among young artists and designers to China and hopeful also the other way round in the future.

abC/f: Art book in China or abC/f for short, previous DREAMER Art Book Fair, is dedicated to hosting the largest art book fair in China of Artists’ books and independent publications. It intends to fill the gaps in the domestic Chinese book arts scene. This year, Northing as a tiny link between Bergen and China, brings abC/f to BABF.



Bergen based illustrator









Perfectly Acceptable Press is a small Risograph publishing house based out of Chicago, USA. We publish Risograph books by the best and brightest in contemporary illustration and cartooning.






RosaCarmen is a small publishing house based betwen Barcelona and San Sebastian. We create and produce small print runs of image books that excite us and make us happy that they exist.






Röj Forlag is a independent publishing based in Bergen (NO)/Copenhagen (DK). The idea behind Röj Forlag started as an desire to expand and cooperate with other artists in creating art within the medium of printed matter. Röj Forlag publishes pure artist books, often collaborati- ve projects involving different artists working in various medias. Röj Forlag produces all stages in the process of making the books itself. All the publications are handmade and exists only in few editions. Röj Forlag was founded in 2013 and is run by norwegian artist Alexandra Jegerstedt and collaborates with the artist-run showroom SØ in Copenhagen.




Severina Sars Museum is a publisher based in Bøvågen, Radøy, founded by Annette Kierulf and Tormod Haugland in 2010. Severina Sars Museum publish artist books in small editions, in nynorsk and english, that range from poetry and essays to short stories in woodcut.





Thijs Desmet and Gabri Molist are two comic artists share the same passion for the comics, but they also share a house. When you spend so much time with another human being, the nature makes you create zines together. They also have publications mostly about birds, or spooky situations. They drink tea (beer) and vegan food (pizza).





The book THE CHARACTERS # I-IV is a compilation, a retrospective book, holding together the projects Tonje Bøe Birkeland has been working on for the past 8 years, revealing process, working methods and artistic material never published before.

The objective of THE CHARACTERS is to encapsulate an entire artistic practice. Since 2008 Birkeland has, through THE CHARACTERS, given women a position within landscape while exploring the authenticity of history. On expedition, female explorers are staged in Unknown Territory. THE CHARACTERS are self-portraits expounding time and place, investigating personality and physical limits.




Überpress er et Bergensk forlag som spesialiserer seg på norske tegneserier. Vi utgir Über-antologien to ganger i året og har som ambisjon å presentere nye tegneserietegnere av profesjonell kvalitet i hver utgave.





Ugly Duckling Presse (UDP) is a nonprofit publisher for poetry, translation, experimental nonfiction, performance texts, and books by artists. UDP favors emerging, international, and “forgotten” writers, and its books, chapbooks, artist’s books, broadsides, and periodicals often contain handmade elements, calling attention to the labor and history of bookmaking. UDP’s office and letterpress workshop is located in The Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn, New York.    




Forlaget Virkelig is a small publishing house with a Nordic orientation. The editing work is basically collaboration between translators, writers, designers and editors. The editions of books are usually limited to 100 or 300 copies. Significant sources of inspiration are the Norwegian micro publishing H Press, and French book and library tradition. The participation to Bergen Art Book Fair has come as a result of the collaboration on the artist-book Mørkningen. The book was released at the Lord Jim Publishing in Norway and Virkelig Forlag in Denmark. Each of the publishers is established in the alternative scene.