Bergen Art Book Fair

Welcome to Bergen Art Book Fair!
We are exited to to finally meet you at Bergen Art Book Fair 2017, and have collected some information on this page to make your stay more easy going. The fair starts and ends 12:00–17:00, except the opening day: 16:00–19:00

Transport from airport:

The Air Port Bus is taking 20 minutes to the city center (From 105 NOK and up), and the Light Rail is taking 40 minutes and is the cheap way to travel (37 NOK).

Rigging your stand: 
We open the doors 12:00 on Thursday 19th of October. We want you to be ready for 16:00 because then the fair is officially open. 

Finding your stand:
This is where you find your table, volunteers in the info stand will help you when you arrive between 12:00–16:00 on Thursday. Look at the map to see if you have wall space.

26.Hordaland Kunstsenter
27.Meridan Space/Northing
28. Trippelpunkt
29. Xiong Liang (Meridan Space)
30. Blokk Forlag
31. Kay Arne Kirkebø
33. Atelier TURUT / Freak show Comix
34. Faceless Artist Fanzine - Rising From the Ashes Press
35. Whiskey tit
36. NORWAY STAMP/ Lina L. Jordan
37. Edições Tijuana
39. KLD Repro
40. Pernille Horgen Røynestad
41. Martin Mentzoni
42. Bergen Kunsthall x Motto
43. Students from KMD
44. Corners & Studio OYE
45. Lydgalleriet
46. Norsk Risografiforening
47. Torsten Illner, Stefhany Lozano, Tim Romanowsky
48. Space Poetry
49. Gunvor Rasmussen

1. Bergen Ateliergruppe
3. Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet
4. Lisa Him-Jensen
5. Performance Art Bergen
7. KRAFT Bergen
8. Portmanteau Books
10. Uberpress
12. Ola Olsen Lysgård
13. Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
14. Nomadic Reading Room
15. Billedkunst
16. Kurt Johannessen
17. Anders Elsrud Hultgreen
18. Tamas Horvath
19. Dust Catcher and Friends
20. Askeland Bok & Papir
21. Perdita Metabuk
22. Terry Bleu
23. Coda Press
25. Liuyingchieh Books




Bergen Art Book Breakfast:
11:00 Friday–Sunday we offer a small but cosy breakfast for all exhibitors at Upstairs, which is at the 2nd floor. It last only for one hour since the fair opens 12:00. You will get bread and curious Norwegian spread toppings, juice, milk and delicious Norwegian tap water. Oh, almost forgot coffee, we got that to. ... and tea.

Bergen Art Book Party:
Friday we will have a party at Ubåt-press at Laxevaag, there will be a Bus driving directly after the talks at Bergen Kunsthall 21:15. Show up at the talk and you won't miss the bus. At the party you will get a free beer and pizza.

Bergen Art Book dinner:
There is no official big dinner as this headline might make you believe, but we have made a deal with the kitchen at Landmark(Bergen Kunsthall's café), and they can offer you a delicious dinner Thursday from 19:00, Friday and Saturday from 18:00. It will cost 80 NOK. In Norway that is a good deal, we might eat there ourself.

Bergen Art Book Organisers:
There will be many faces this weekend, this is the persons behind it all in case you have a question and need to go straight to the source.

(Picture is under developing)

Ann Kristin Stølan: Nickname Anki. She is the boss. She has the last word.
Raquel Maya Marques: Raquel is Portuguese, and programme coordinator.
Ingrid Rundberg: Ingrid is Swedish and runs the economics, and the Babf-shop.
Alexandra Jegerstedt: Alexandra used to live in Copenhagen, now she is workshop coordinator.
Fredrik Rysjedal: He is 2m tall, you can't miss him, and he is stand coordinator. 
Mads Andersen: Mads is the nicest person at the fair and he volunteer coordinator. 

 From left: Alexandra Segerstedt, Mads Andersen, Infrid Rundberg, Fredrik Rysjedal, Ann-Kristin Stølan and Raquel Maya Marques.  Photo: Thanee Renee

From left: Alexandra Segerstedt, Mads Andersen, Infrid Rundberg, Fredrik Rysjedal, Ann-Kristin Stølan and Raquel Maya Marques. 
Photo: Thanee Renee

Finding the location:
Bergen Art Book Fair is held at Bergen Kunsthall, Rasmus Meyers allé 5, 5015 Bergen: