Bergen Art Book Fair
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November 1st (15:00–21:00)

Seminar: Modes of Distribution

What is distribution? How is it a part of the book's format, the design, the production, the presentation, the readings, the book launch, the festivals, the book shops, and the art book fair?

How to distribute and mediate art books is a recurring topic of discussion in the field. As there currently is no "standard" of distribution, this is a part of the art book practice that is still under development and exploration.

Modes of Distribution covers perspectives from graphic designers, artists working as publishers, bookshops, printers, distributors, curators, librarians, galleries, and editors on the topic of distribution.


Lars Müller Publishers (CH/NO)

Lars Müller was born in Oslo in 1955 and as a Norwegian citizen, has been based in Switzerland since 1963. After becoming a graphic designer in Zurich, extended travels, and an assistant position with designer Wim Crouwel in Amsterdam, Müller established his studio in Baden/Switzerland in 1982. His long-time mentor was Josef Müller-Brockmann, a leading figure in the Swiss modernist movement.

In 1983 Lars Müller published his first book „Die gute Form“, and, as Lars Müller Publishers, has established one of Europe’s leading independent publishing houses for architecture and design. The publishing program reflects Müller’s own diverse interests, documenting historical developments and contemporary phenomena by presenting compelling work on architecture, design, art and environment and exploring its social and cultural relevance.

Gloria Glitzer / We Make It (DE)

Founded in 2007, Gloria Glitzer develops, creates, and publishes artzines and artists’ books and understands publishing as artistic practice. Gloria Glitzer is operated by the artists Franziska Brandt and Moritz Grünke and now based in Berlin. Gloria Glitzer also runs the Risograph printing and design studio We make it and hosts the Herbarium Riso, a public library dedicated to stencil printed artists’ publications.

Born in 1980, Moritz Grünke studied fine arts and graphics at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle (Germany) and in addition to establishing Gloria Glitzer and We make it, he also works as curator and coordinator at MISS READ: The Berlin Art Book Fair since 2015.

Nordic Art Press (NO)

The newly founded platform for distributing Nordic art books, Nordic Art Press (NAP), seeks to develop structures that will facilitate for long-term sustainable distribution options. Developed as a concept by Norwegian publisher Torpedo and graphic design studio Eller med a, NAP sets out to build structures that might make arts publishing less of a solitary endeavour and more of a team effort.

San Serriffe (NL)

Pieter Verbeke is an arts organizer based in Amsterdam. He is a librarian at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and previously worked in its graphic design department. He has curated exhibitions and co-organized several projects relating to art collecting and publishing. Since 2011, he runs the art book shop and exhibition space San Serriffe together with Elisabeth Klement.

San Serriffe is an art bookstore and event space in the center of Amsterdam, focussing on a mix between artists' books, art theory and autonomous graphic design, with a special focus for an space between experimental writing and performance. With around 500 titles on offer that constantly change and where new publishers are introduced, and on a weekly basis host presentations by visual artists, poets, writers, who present new publications, or discuss their work more broadly.

Billedkunst magazine (NO)

In this year's fifth edition of Billedkunst journal for contemporary visual arts, we have focused on art & books; the book as art; the artist's book—what is it?—versus books about art. How to distinguish between these genres? And more importantly: Why do artists continue to make use of the book as a space for storage and artistic practice? Kjetil Røed (EIC) and Tine Semb (ed.) will investigate this rather cloudy field together with curator and writer Anne Szefer Karlsen.

Also, Leif Høghaug will do a short performance of a selection of passages from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake (1939), which he is in the process of translating into Norwegian. In Høghaug's version the multitude of tongues in the original are composed of a variety of local dialects and pidginized Norwegian languages, both new and old.


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