Bergen Art Book Fair

20:00, Thursday 13. Most Beautiful Norwegian Books and presentation by Yokoland
Location: Bergen Public Library

We'll warm up to the fair a week in advance with this vernissage and the design and illustration collective Yokoland, who will present their book awarded with "the most beautiful book of 2014", among of their other award winning books from the last years.

At the opening a part of the exhibition of David A. Rios will also be available. The rest of it will be shown at Bergen Kjøtt from the 21st. 

Thursday 13.

20:00 – Most Beautiful Norwegian Books (Årets Vakreste Bøker 2014) vernissage. ± David A. Rios' Hz Atlas


19:00, Thursday 20. ArchiZines exhibition vernissage!
Location: Robotbutiken

Curator Elias Redstone started collecting architecture zines, when he got the idea to gather all the best self-published zines made by architects from the 2000s into one travelling exhibition. The collection now consist of over 100 publications, and its still growing. The exhibition has been on a world tour since 2011, and this is its first stop in Norway. Other destinations include New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin, Helsinki, Sydney and many more. We are very excited and happy to have it as a part of this years Art Book Fair! The exhibition will be available until 20th december.

Presentation at 20:00 by Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter, who is behind one of two norwegian zines in the exhibition: Pollen.

Thursday 20.

19:00 – Exhibition opening of ArchiZines!
20:00 – Pollen presentation

More info about the exhibition and the project:

Lecture at 19:00, Friday 21. Peter Bil'ak and Works That Work
Location: Bergen Kjøtt

Graphic designer and typograher Peter Bil'ak will present the magazine Works That Work, which is published through his type foundry Typotheque. The magazine is about "unexpected creativity", and each issue has a different theme. Fresh from the printer is their new issue which will be available for purchase after the lecture, the Arctic Issue. Yearlier this year Works that Work went to Tromsø and held a workshop regarding the arctic topic. We can't wait to see the result!

Friday 21.

18:00 – Grand Opening 

18:30 – Frode Grytten reads from the book Norske Hus

19:00 – LECTURE: Peter Bil'ak presenting the magazine Works that Work

21:00 – Concert and performance: Stephan Meidell & Birk Nygård

22:00 – Doors close

Mini lectures at 16:00, Saturday 22. Publishers at Bergen Art Book Fair 2014
Location: Bergen Kjøtt

At this years event we would like to present some of the publishers attending the fair. This includes short presentations by Lugemik (Estonia), Knust/Extrapol (Netherlands), Lendroit Editions (France), Hordaland Kunstsenter (Norway), Do the Print (Spain), Plantation Journal (England) and Onomatopee (Netherlands).
We can garantee that this will be inspiring!

Saturday 22.

11:00 – Doors open. Visit the library, browse the collections, say hello to the exhibitors and buy books, prints and more. 

16:00 – Mini lectures by
Hordaland Kunstsenter
Do the Print!
Plantation Journal

20:00 – Concert: Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz

21:00 – Doors close

Lectures on Sunday 23. Location: Bergen Kjøtt

14:00: Cecilie Størkson and David A. Rios – Hz Atlas and the artist's book format

In this talk the Bergen based artist David A. Rios and art history student Cecilie A. Størkson will discuss Rios' project Hz Atlas and it's connection to the artist's book format. The main intention of the Hz Atlas project was to give mechanical waves, as sound, a physical form. The intricate process to do so, has lead to a series of handcrafted books, amongst other works. The artist will introduce us to some of the theoretical aspects of his work and the practical process of making Hz Atlas. Størkson will present her own project in which she compares a selection of art projects from Bergen (Hz Atlas being one of them), that make use of the book format in different ways. Rios' project will be on display at Bergen Kjøtt and at the Bergen Public Library.
The lecture by Cecilie Størkson is commissioned by Hordaland Art Centre, and supported by City of Bergen.

16:00: Malkit Shoshan – Atlas of the Conflict

The Palastine-Israel conflict is an ongoing and horrible one. The architect, researcher and writer, Malkit Shoshan, made the award winning book Atlas of the Conflict to show the war from the view of how the maps of Palastine and Israel are constantly changing. In her work she explores and highlights the relations between architecture, politics and human rights. The book will be available for purchase after the lecture.
Don't miss out on this!

Sunday 23.

11:00 – Doors open

14:00 – LECTURE: David Rios & Cecilie Størkson

16:00 – LECTURE: Malkit Shoshan presenting her book Atlas of Conflict

19:00 – BABF 2014 close!


Bergen Zines Library – Books and zines donated to our very own library. In collaboration with the Bergen Public Library. Send books to participate in the library here!

Most Beautiful Norwegian Books 2014 – The exhibition of the winners of Norway's most beautiful books of 2014, organized by Grafill. Will be taking place at the Bergen Public Library with a lecture by Yokoland at the opening night a week before the fair. The exhibition will be available until 13th December. Lecture by Yokoland!

ArchiZines – The world renowed exhibtion of zines by architects will be a part of this years Art Book Fair. The exhibition will be held at Robotbutikken, and will be available until 20th December. More info on Archizines here.

David Rios : Hz Atlas – A display of sounds using the book format. A project were sound is made into three-dimensional forms. Sound as a mechanical wave exchange energy with the matter it interacts, as a result; changes can be traced. For more info on David's artworks.

Bergen Art Book Fair posters by designstudents – This year, as last year, the first year designstudents at Bergen Academy of Art and Design have interpreted the Bergen Art Book Fair poster.

Tipos das Letras poster workshop – A week before the fair starts the members of Grafill and students at KHiB will attend a workshop were they also will interpret the Bergen Art Book Fair - poster. This time using the beautiful Ruha Stencil, developed by the Portuguese designers Tipos das Letras