Bergen Art Book Fair

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We need help to rig before, during and after the fair, to take care of breakfast and lunch, stand at the information booth and lots of other things! You will work at least three 3 shifts, and of course more if you want. As our volunteer you will be invited to the big BABF party (T.B.A), free entrance to the BABF seminar (worth 1000kr, info T.B.A) and get to know exhibitors and other book and zine artists and enthusiasts! Apply here before October 14th, and we will send you the work schedule by October 19th. There will also be a party for all the volunteers at Pamflett Thursday October 25th.

Task descriptions:

We need help to transform Bergen Kunsthall into BABF, and there is a lot of things that needs to be carried and moved before the fair can open! We need all you handy-women and handy-men that likes physical labour, mounting of furniture, carrying stuff in stairs, decorating, cleaning, good coffee and togetherness with the most nerdy book-entusiasts the country has to offer. The days you are rigging with us are days you don’t need to go to the gym!

Breakfast and lunch host
We all need food in the morning, so every day before opening the doors we make a breakfast buffet for both volunteers and exhibitors. If you like to organise food into different categories and can make a smoking good cup of coffee, we need you! We are searching for a person that is organised when it comes to blueberry jam, brie- and brown cheese and ballerina biscuits! And coffee of course.

Are you organised and like to talk to new people? As a volunteer in the infostand you are the first face the audience meets, which means it’s important to have a good mood and be helpful and answer anything the guests at BABF might be wondering. There are no admissions at BABF, your job is to just keep track of how many visitors we get, greet everyone welcome and spread the relaxed BABF-mojo!

We need help documenting the fair and being visible in the SoMe world. As photographer at the fair you are responsible for BABF’s instagram account, and our communication with the outside world. You get to convey the feel of the fair into the thousand homes all around the world. You know a couple of things about hashtags, filters and perhaps strategies for getting the most likes and followers. You also need to talk a little bit with exhibitors, and get them to smile on photos ;-) This is your chance to expand your contacts within the zine, artist books, printing, folding and concept community! We are looking for a person that’s alert, relaxed, likes to talk to people and that has a good eye for composition and good vibes. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to do this job! Mostly it’s taking photos with your mobile phone.

We are looking for persons that is not too stressed out by missing USBs, unstable Wi-Fi or a bit to few extension-cords. You are a priceless person, everyone wants to be your friend and they will all thank you in the end. You know a couple of things about PDFs, shortcuts for fullscreen view, HDMI, USBs, wires and inputs, and you always have an extra transition cable in your back pocket. This is really a fairly straight-forward and easy job.

Filmers for FREDRIK TV!
This year we are making a TV show where Fredrik Rysjedal (comic artist and BABF Co-Founder) will interview different people and exhibitors at the fair. We need a couple of people who can help us with filming and sound for this project.

If you want to ask a question before filling out the form, please send Mads or Raquel an email at

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